ride share mechanic Meadowbrook

ride share mechanic meadowbrook

For Uber and Lyft drivers, PST Automotive Services does virtual car inspections. Authorized inspectors perform the inspection through video chats: drivers use their smartphones to walk around their vehicles and show inspectors the state of their vehicles.


Steps To Ensure a Smooth Inspection:

  • Before your appointment, read all of the planning directions and set up the video programme
  • Make sure you’re in a place of decent coverage so you can hear each other clearly
  • Bluetooth should be turned off. If your car has Bluetooth, your phone can bind to it, causing confusion by rerouting your phone’s audio


How to Prepare for the Inspection:

  • Secure both of the car’s seat belts
  • Have a penny with you at all times (for the tyre tread test)
  • Have the vehicle’s key with you
  • Switch off the Bluetooth of your phone


To learn more about PST Automotive Services, just call us at 0732087451. Our main goal is to make our customers happy & satisfied. Our Meadowbrook City ride share mechanics have a solid reputation for providing high-quality services. We are proud of our excellent mechanics, who have years of experience working on a wide range of vehicles. Create an appointment today or contact us if you need any kind of service for your vehicle.

Rideshare Mechanic Meadowbrook