Ride share Mechanic Daisy Hill

Ride share Mechanic Daisy Hill

PST Automotive Motive Services method is fast, effective, and beneficial. It is a significant change over the regular inspection appointments, which required two lengthy journeys to Uber and Lyft hubs or time spent looking for nearby mechanics who charged about the same as PST Automotive Services. 

 Steps To Ensure a Smooth Inspection:

  • Before your appointment, read all of the planning directions and set up the video programme
  • Make sure you’re in a place of decent coverage so you can hear each other clearly
  • Bluetooth should be turned off. If your car has Bluetooth, your phone can bind to it, causing confusion by rerouting your phone’s audio


How to Prepare for the Inspection:

  • Secure both of the car’s seat belts
  • Have a penny with you at all times (for the tyre tread test)
  • Have the vehicle’s key with you
  • Switch off the Bluetooth of your phone

 For Uber and Lyft drivers, PST Automotive Services does virtual car inspections. The inspection is conducted via video chat by approved inspectors: Drivers walk around their car with their phones in hand, demonstrating the state of their vehicle to regulators.

 You won’t want to use any other alternative for your car inspection until you’ve experienced how simple it is to use PST Automotive Services!

If Uber and Lyft don’t provide cheaper inspections or if the inspection place is inconvenient, trust PST Automotive Services and contact us at 0732087451. Get to know more about our services today.

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