Auto Mechanic Meadowbrook

Auto Mechanic Meadowbrook

To excel in their work, our auto mechanics use computerised diagnostic equipment, power tools, and a variety of other traditional tools. They opt to specialise in a variety of auto mechanics fields. Brake replacements, air conditioning transmissions, and front-end mechanics are only a few examples.

Experts at PST Automotive Services offer outstanding customer service and are proud of delivering high class auto mechanic service in Meadowbrook. We have the answers to any questions or complaints you might have about your car or our payment options! In reality, we have a variety of flexible payment solutions so that you can have your car serviced as quickly as possible.


What Our Auto Mechanic Experts Will Do For You:

  • Computerized Diagnostics
  • Cooling system and condition test
  • Checking the oil filter
  • Check the spark plugs – they are an excellent indicator of engine condition, and greasy spark plugs may indicate an oil leak
  • Inspect the vehicle for any potential safety hazards
  • Checking the leads – they can last up to a decade, but they should be checked after each service
  • Testing the lights – if they don’t work, the bulbs will need to be replaced
  • Checking windscreen wipers and washers – to ensure clear visibility
  • The fuel filter, belts, hoses, cooling system, battery, exhaust, transmission, and tyres are all inspected

Our team of auto mechanics is dedicated to providing fast and efficient services. Our credibility has been founded on our ability to complete projects in a timely manner. Our devoted service is accompanied by a friendly, frank, and accepting attitude. Our customer service is excellent in serving you from beginning to end. Just give us a call at 0732087451 and we will help you get solutions to all your problems.

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