auto mechanic Daisy Hill

auto mechanic Daisy Hill

For more than 20 years, our team of experts of auto mechanics has serviced and repaired cars for our loyal customers in Daisy Hill and the nearby suburbs. The best car mechanic service from PST Automotive Services covers the widest variety of maintenance and service options to keep the vehicle running smoothly.

What Our Auto Mechanic Experts Will Do For You:

  • Computerized Diagnostics
  • Cooling system and condition test
  • Checking the oil filter
  • Check the spark plugs – they are an excellent indicator of engine condition, and greasy spark plugs may indicate an oil leak
  • Inspect the vehicle for any potential safety hazards
  • Checking the leads – they can last up to a decade, but they should be checked after each service
  • Testing the lights – if they don’t work, the bulbs will need to be replaced
  • Checking windscreen wipers and washers – to ensure clear visibility
  • The fuel filter, belts, hoses, cooling system, battery, exhaust, transmission, and tyres are all inspected

Simply give us a call at 0732087451 to know more about our services and offers. Our primary target is your satisfaction. Our Daisy Hill car mechanics shop has a reputation for offering high-quality auto repair services. Our great mechanics have years of experience working on a variety of cars, and we are proud of them. If you need some kind of renovation or repair, make an appointment today or come and visit us during our business hours.

Auto Mechanic Daisy Hill