Auto Mechanic Chambers Flat

Auto Mechanic Chambers Flat

PST auto mechanics work on repairs and diagnostic tests on vehicles like cars, vans, and small trucks. Some will achieve improvement on heavy vehicles, while others concentrate on off-road vehicles or parts like engines, tires, and brakes.

PST Automotive Services in Chamber Flat is a great service center for your vehicle. Our auto mechanics work on the upkeep and repair of all conditions of your automobiles, performing preventative and restorative work on the engine, electrics, brakes, gears, fuel pump, exhaust, security measures, and air-conditioners. They also perform the testing servicing of vehicles, advising customers on the condition of their vehicle and testing new vehicles for mechanical error.

    Responsibilities and the Skill of an Automechanic


    Responsibilities vary, it depends on the type of vehicle and the work required but typically they include:

    • Preparation for and completing MOT tests
    • Check the condition of a vehicle in between required MOTs
    • Identifying mechanical faults during a vehicle’s brakes, engine, gears or electrics, etc
    • Fitting clutches, springs, and brakes
    • Examine new vehicles to spot any faults within the mechanics
    • Rebuilding engines and gearboxes
    • Converting engines to liquid petroleum gas
    • Ordering and tuning parts
    • Fitting radios and other internal features
    • Customizing vehicles as per the owner’s specifications
    • Advising owners on vehicle condition and price of repairs
    • Dealing with fuel problems
    • Repairing and fitting tires

    Skills/ Knowledge

      • Excellent knowledge of motor technology
      • Great communication skills
      • Ability to concentrate on and follow instructions
      • Excellent practical skills
      • Ability to solve problems
      • A willingness to be a part of a team
      • Ability to concentrate for long periods of your time 
      • Complete level of fitness
      • Good dexterity
      • Close attention to details

      If you want your car to keep operating well down the road, make sure to address any vehicle issues as soon as you notice them. Our primary goal is your complete satisfaction. Our Auto Mechanic Service in Chamber Flat has a reputation for providing high-quality automotive service. Book your appointment today or visit us during business hours if you need any types of restorations or fixing. Call us today for more information at 0732087451 to get a full-service package at a reasonable rate.

      Auto Mechanic Chambers Flat