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An auto mechanic operates on small trucks and motorcycles, doing servicing, and inspections. Engines, drive belts, transmissions, and electrical mechanisms like steering, braking, and accident-avoidance systems are among the items they specialize in. Some mechanics are starting to work on cars that use renewable fuels like electricity or ethanol as a result of growing mobility and recognition of other energy.

PST Automotive Service in Boronia Heights is the best service center. We work on the upgrading and repair of all features of automobiles, delivering preventative and restorative work on the engine, electrics, brakes, gears, fuel pump, exhaust, security measures. Our auto mechanic also performs the regular servicing of vehicles, guiding customers on their vehicles’ condition and testing new vehicles for mechanical defects.

Auto Mechanic Role and Responsibilities:-

  • Examine vehicle engine
  • Examine mechanical and electrical components
  • Determine issues timely and accurately
  • Examine vehicle computer and electronic systems
  • Manage maintenance work like replacing fluids, lubricating parts
  • Schedule future maintenance periods
  • Advise motorists on good vehicle use

Auto mechanics in Boronia Heights are devoted to arranging fast and efficient services. Our reputation has been founded on our ability to finish projects on time. Our mechanics provide a faithful service with an accepting attitude. Our customer service is outstanding in serving you from starting to end. 

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Auto Mechanic Boronia Heights