Auto Mechanic Berrinba Cedar Vale

Auto Mechanic Berrinba Cedar Vale

PST Automotive service in Cedar Vale professionals and mechanics work at gasoline stations or at automotive parts, accessories, and tire stores. Automotive service technicians and mechanics repair and check out all types of automobiles, not just those that consist of diesel engines.

Responsibilities of a good auto mechanic include:-

  1. Inspect mechanical and electrical components
  2. Fix issues timely and accurately
  3. Examine vehicle computer and electronic systems
  4. Maintain maintenance work like substituting fluids, lubricating parts 
  5. Schedule future maintenance periods
  6. Guide motorists on good vehicle use


An auto mechanic works on repairs and diagnostic tests on vehicles like cars, vans, and little trucks. Some will perform maintenance on heavy vehicles, while others concentrate on off-road vehicles or parts like engines, tires, and brakes

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